Intelligent IT Terminal

Like its predecessors, the ISGUS IT 8210 terminal series has received the coveted iF Design Award, too. Furthermore, with regard to the time management solution ISGUS has managed for the first time to introduce what many of us already know from tablet PCs and smartphones: the availability of an intelligent and controllable energy saving mode allowing for power savings of up to 50%. Thus, even in its basic version, the IT 8210 terminal makes a valuable contribution to sustainability.

The new IT 8210 terminal is a particularly interesting solution for all those employees without computer access and who, consequently, were excluded so far from the “digital” added value offered by ISGUS Workforce Management. As of now, even workers in the production area can benefit from workflows. Via the IT 8210 terminal they can, for instance, request absences, make booking updates, view their shift plan or swap shifts with colleagues. Likewise, line managers are able to approve workflow requests directly on the IT 8210 terminal.

The integrated messenger allows employees to view personalized notifications and to retrieve specific information directly via the new terminal. Thus, for the first time, digital functions are made accessible to all employees and not only to those already working with ISGUS Workforce Management via direct access from their workplace or remotely via a Tablet PC or Smartphone.

With the IT 8210 terminal series, you will meet all of today’s requirements which - on the data entry level - are strongly associated with flexible work time organisation and autonomous leadership, both essential ingredients for promoting employee engagement and motivation as well as, from the employers’ point of view, for enhancing the company’s attractiveness.

Like its predecessor, namely the ISGUS IT 8200 terminal, the IT 8210 terminal can be equally used as access control manager (ACM) fully equipped with all relevant ACM functions. When deploying electronic looks, the profile registration function “Access on Card” is available and allows to save the purchase of expensive, additional hardware components.

All online functions at a glance:

  • Workflows for absence, booking and account updates
  • Workflow for shift/service plan preferences
  • Presence Indicator Board subdivided into areas
  • Overview of pending and approved requests
  • Enquiry of personal time accounts
  • Possibility to view the service plan
  • Interactive shift swap request to all colleagues working the same shift
  • Notifications, e. g. on shift plan updates, as well as personal messages
  • “Access-on-card” function for assignment/validation of access authorisations required for electronic looks