ISGUS » Scheduling flexibility

For many workers, a flexible schedule is the solution. This type of schedule allows you to work when you are most productive and gives you the autonomy you need to create an ideal work-life balance, whatever that looks like for you. It's important to remember that flexible work hours don't mean fewer hours. Employees actually put in more hours when they work from home. Plus, there is still a structure to this type of schedule: employees must work a certain number of hours or make an alternative arrangement with their employer for office hours and home office time.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that flexible work schedules are critical to happier, more productive employees and a more successful company overall. Of course, flexible work hours have their pros and cons, just like a rigid nine-to-five job.

Thanks to the modular structure of the ZEUS® solutions offered by ISGUS combining ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Time & Attendance allows HR managers to stay up-to-date on under- or overstaffing and absences without any effort, at any time, when and wherever required. The employees’ time accounts, the holiday calendar being automatically kept up-to-date as well as the absence planning are available at all times.
As the Staff Scheduling module is directly linked up to the Time & Attendance system, planners can be sure that staff scheduling is automatically based on the correct working time patterns and employee time accounts. This, in turn, ensures that the employees' working time is accounted for correctly.