ISGUS Staff Scheduling in the logistics sector

Workforce management tools not only optimise staff deployment in the logistics centre or warehouse, but can also increase satisfaction among the workforce. Where companies are already using digital solutions and machine learning play in this.
How many employees do I need for the Black Friday season? Who on the shift should have a forklift licence, who should be fit at the pick-by-voice station or both? And who needs to be on annual leave again? The larger a logistics operation, the more complex the answers to such questions can become and the goal - namely a good shift schedule - can quickly be missed. At the same time, efficient staff scheduling is becoming increasingly important in times of shortages of skilled workers and labour as well as cost pressures in logistics.

Taking all these components into account for duty scheduling is time-consuming, incredibly complex and mistakes often creep in. The solution? A suitable software solution is needed that recognises all important aspects, includes them and plans them optimally. This not only saves mistakes, but also time and money.

ISGUS with ZEUS® offers a cloud-based software solution for staff scheduling and employee communication. In this way, manual processes are automated by digitizing structured communication – from the deployment plan to absence management. In addition, we promote the self-determination of our employees by involving them in many processes right from the start. The core functions of our software include duty scheduling, time recording, absence planning as well as time and money management.