Job and task tracking for employees in light manufacturing

In manufacturing many different jobs and taks are pending on a daily basis, and multiple shifts are working on them throught the day. The exact recording which employee has done which task in which shift is important for the transparency of your business. 

ISGUS automates your entire range of shop floor workforce administration and execution tasks. You'll get more done with less effort at a lower cost by adding a powerful set of features of our job track manager software module. 

Accelerate production throughout your oganization. With ISGUS, you can start, move or complete jobs without much difficulty. Whether you want to replenish internally or externally sourced parts and components, create user defined labels formatted specifically for individual customer or product requirements, or output material to production from multiple locations simultaneously. With your customized system, every employee has access to the tasks relevant to them exactly when they need them. With our intuitively operated terminals, you can enter the new project status quickly and easily.

Show workers real-time dispatch information for any work center or machine, in a personalized format that every employee can easily understand.