Job and task tracking for employees (manufacturing sector)

In 2020, the manufacturing industry got up to speed very quickly. However, the manufacturing industry, like large parts of the entire global economic market, was slowed down by the Covid-19 pandemic. On the one hand, this doesn't necessarily mean that this will be a long term issue while, on the other hand, the current situation opens new doors.

The targeted distribution of tasks is also part of the improved planning of projects. The validation tables generated by ISGUS enable tasks to be entered quickly and can be specifically adapted to each of your employees. During the production process, you can keep an eye on and monitor the respective process step at the workplace using a touchscreen, barcode scanner or smartphone. Additionally, you can also monitor the generation of barcode labels with regard to the tracking of tasks, reason codes, as well as quantities produced or rejected by the machine. The real-time ERP data transfer ensures a smooth and suitable addition to your existing work environment. All of our solutions are individually tailored to your corporate concept and needs and take you to the next (digital) level in the manufacturing sector.


The digitalization push, which was unquestionably caused by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, means that manufacturing companies need to flex their digital muscles as well. This is exactly where our solutions from ISGUS come in and we help you to remain marketable even in times of crisis and, in the best case, to improve yourself in some areas over the competition.

Secure your smooth production flow

Especially in uncertain times, you should secure the plannable processes and protect the smooth production flow of your company.

Our technologies help you to optimize and profitably plan the expected working hours for a customer order or task when monitoring your projects. This data can then be easily compared with the hours actually used. You keep the big picture in view at all times and can draw your conclusions for future processes.