Job Costing for Manufacturing Industry

Take control of your manufacturing floor activity with the Production Data Capture application in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Shop floor employees’ clock in and out of jobs, machines, and your facility providing you real-time and accurate data on labor and production costs. Shop floor managers use the recorded data to manage productivity, accurately predict delivery dates, make more efficient purchasing decisions, and measure employee performance for scheduled employee reviews often viewing it in real time on the shop floor through Production Data Capture, which modernizes the manufacturing shop floor. Available on premise and via the ISGUS Cloud.

Shop Floor Data Collection Benefits:

Flexible Job Management Access

Give your managers the tools they need to effectively manage all jobs, including logging a combination of employee, jobs, unattended jobs and work centers under one integrated manufacturing software system. Within this application, jobs can be completed individually, by employee or by work center. Use this accurate data to improve productivity and make needed changes to job time allotments.

Accurate Data for Reporting

Through the Production Data Capture application, time and attendance data is input into one fully integrated system that allows you to get real-time access to current work progress by employee, job, department, work center or supervisor. With all time and attendance recorded in one application by various departments, you can easily track pieces through the shop for quality control and inventory. And pulling up reporting for dispatch lists and viewing job packets is quick, accurate and simple. All the information needed for human relations and labor management is input from one module and validated and integrated with Global Shop Solutions. 

Control Labor Costs Through Integrated Reporting

The Production Data Capture application allows employees to clock in, log onto work orders, log off work orders and clock out, providing easy-to-access data for balancing labor costs by shift, work order, project or department for better control of labor costs. Everything relating to employee costs is conveniently consolidated in one application and fully integrated with your payroll application.