Keep your workforce compliant to all regulations

Compliancy with all labor law requirements is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs. Certain requirements must be adhered to by everyone, some become more complicated as more employees are employed in the company. Among others, the following laws must be observed: Wage and Hour Laws, Workplace Safety Laws, Anti-Discrimination Laws, and Payroll, Tax and Finance Laws

Keeping track of all this without technical tools is not possible. Therefore, a workforce management system is required, with which you can easily, quickly and securely monitor all requirements. The ISGUS solution provides you with exactly that.  Employees can easily record their working times via terminals, the PC or with the ISGUS app and thus, just like their supervisors, always have an overview of the framework in which they are currently working. If a set threshold is reached, automatic notifications can be sent, which enable an intervention and ensure workforce compliance

At the end of the payroll period, for example at the end of the week or month, all time data can then be transferred to payroll. Here all taxes and the correct allowances are calculated - for a correct payroll.