Make Shift Scheduling a Breeze

Shift scheduling is a complex task for companies and managing the usual processes is often hard enough, but with the right tools, planning and customization is easier than you think. However, there are a few basic ideas to keep in mind here. 

Don't get stuck on a fixed schedule, stay flexible. Depending on the industry, there are of course different service hours to consider, but beyond that, a flexible schedule can increase business efficiency. In addition, there is the increased demand from employees for flexible work schedules to best combine daily life with work. More freedom for employees also supports the planner as adjustments are reduced and the overall effort thus decreases

In addition, recent years have shown that digitization can be the key to business success. This also applies to shift scheduling. Go Digital. Paper-based scheduling is error-prone, inefficient, and gets in the way of flexibility. Plus, digital communication is easier to manage because employees are not only responsive in one place, but can be addressed at any time through mobile devices. 

In order to increase the productivity of the individual work areas, the current personnel requirements must be taken into account. Seasonal fluctuations and dependencies on the time of day must be taken into account for optimal planning, as this is the only way to make planning as efficient as possible. The demand-oriented adjustment also ensures that employees are optimally utilized during assignments. 

In general, employees should be involved in the planning process as much as possible. The coordination of preferences is therefore a decisive factor for the creation of an assignment plan that suits everyone. With the ISGUS solution, employees are easily integrated via digital workflows, increasing transparency and employee satisfaction

Last but not least, ISGUS' software solution prevents compliance concerns as it incorporates all collective bargaining and legal regulations when scheduling and recording time. In case of violations or borderline cases, you are notified directly and can thus react immediately without having to fear cumbersome late consequences.