Manage PTO for Remote Workers

PTO is a popular model for managing absenteeism and is being used in more and more companies across industries. However, due to the fact that reconciliation for absenteeism is limited by hybrid working and remote workers, many employers are hesitant to take further steps. With the right software, this is not a necessary limitation. Use Workforce Management from ISGUS to easily manage staff assignments and their absences. 

Absences can be requested independently by your employees and coordinated internally. The group calendar is available for this purpose, in which the absences of the corresponding colleagues are listed. A request for PTO is then sent digitally directly to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor can access the request and approve it via his smartphone, the interface on the PC or the ISGUS Messenger on the terminal

Thus, remote workers can easily be included in the company's processes and PTO is not a problem. Get to know the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile, through which you can conveniently operate the most important functions of your workforce management without being dependent on any particular location. The basis for the approval of PTO requests is the data collected via time recording, which can be clearly displayed in evaluations or analyses.