Management of part-time employees

Part-time employees are an important support for many companies in order to be able to absorb fluctuations in workload. The flexible deployment provides many advantages. Employees who already know the company do not have to be introduced to the processes first, but are an immediate support. In addition, employers save on pay in a lower workload, allowing them to optimally manage their operating costs

In addition to the actual job, however, the need for coordination for scheduling or subsequent billing can quickly increase, which can be a problem, especially with multiple part-time employees. That's why you should rely on digital workforce management from ISGUS. Using the staff scheduling and time recording modules, you can schedule employees for upcoming shifts or search for replacements and record all hours worked. They can be conveniently integrated into the processes via smartphone and receive new information directly via push notification. 

Via the ISGUS terminals, at PC workstations or directly on the smartphone, part-time employees can record their working hours and store them directly in the system. This facilitates the billing of the hours worked. Depending on the stored pay scale model, supplements for night shifts or weekend assignments are automatically taken into account. This makes the management of part-time employees an efficient process and allows you to focus on the activities that move your company forward.