Miracle cure for labour shortages » Workforce Management from ISGUS

Digital workforce management is a crucial tool for unlocking potential and maximizing efficiency in the workplace. The direct correlation between digitalization and employee satisfaction means that employers can greatly benefit from utilizing workforce management software.

The key lies in advanced planning methods that cater to specific objectives. Companies can opt for demand-oriented, budget-oriented, or employee-centered planning approaches depending on their unique needs. These strategies ensure optimal resource allocation and productivity.

Furthermore, the data collected through scheduling, attendance tracking, and overtime records can be leveraged to implement effective HR strategies during labor shortages. This allows organizations to make informed decisions about staff recruitment and other necessary changes both in the short term and long term, ultimately alleviating pressure on current employees.

In conclusion, embracing digital workforce management from ISGUS empowers companies to fully harness their human capital's potential while enhancing overall operational efficiency. It not only supports employee well-being but also provides a roadmap for strategic decision-making amidst changing business landscapes.

1. Save time with Time and Attendance from ISGUS

Working hours can be automatically added up using the integrated time recording and payroll accounting function and exported to the payroll system via an interface - eliminating the need for manual and laborious recording thanks to Time and Attendance from ISGUS.

2. Error prevention when creating duty rosters

With its ZEUS® Staff Scheduling system, ISGUS reduces the administrative time required by roster creators. Automatic adjustments for shift changes, sick leave and vacation requests as well as reporting for payroll accounting ensure even greater savings.

3. Optimised employee communication

With the ZEUS® Mobile App, communication is totally simplified and uncomplicated for all employees. With our app, you have full control. Create requests for workflow corrections, absences and business trips and approve them conveniently on your smartphone. You always have access to important information on planned staff deployment and current attendance in your area of responsibility.