More Flexibility for your Business

Many employees want flexible working hours and changing work locations. There are, of course, industry-specific restrictions, as these requirements are not feasible for a nurse in a hospital, for example. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to easily implement more flexible working time models, even in shift work, but especially for employees in the office or in the field. From the company's point of view, it is important to ensure that control is maintained on the one hand and that the overview is not lost on the other. The latter also applies vice versa. 

The appropriate workforce management system facilitates the implementation. With ISGUS software, you have flexible solutions for time and attendance to work just as flexibly. Whether you like to start earlier in the morning or work spontaneously from your home office, thanks to the software and hardware solutions from ISGUS, all doors are open to you. At the same time, overview and control are guaranteed. With the presence indicator board, all employees can see who is currently active and from where they are working. In addition, all clock-in times are recorded, calculated and historicized, making it easier for the responsible colleagues to do the accounting. 

Thanks to the ISGUS app, your employees are not dependent on the terminal or their own PC access, but can conveniently clock in/out or submit a request via smartphone. To prevent misuse, it is also possible to record location data or to specify a certain geofence. All in all, the ISGUS solutions, which are modular in design, support you in your daily work and facilitate billing at the end of the month. As a result, you as a company benefit from the increased flexibility and can focus on what makes your company tick.