New Partner in Puerto Rico

Pitney Bowes of Puerto Rico which was formerly Tischer & Company has officially signed on as a new ISGUS Solutions Partner. Pitney Bowes through the Tischer acquisition has a long storied history in the Time & Attendance industry, by signing up to be the first Cincinnati Time Distributor in the Caribbean in the 1950's. With uninterrupted success in providing employee time management solutions, Pitney Bowes has in excess of 1,000.00 clients in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With over 30 full time employees Pitney Bowes Puerto Rico also sells the number 1 mailing solutions and has built an outstanding reputation for service that keeps their customer retention rates well above 90%. 

When asked why they chose to switch and promote ISGUS and the TimeAttendanceManager solution on a full time basis, General Manager Richard Calimano cited that he was extremely excited about the sheer breadth of the solution that could not only handle their smaller clients with under 50 employees, but as well as large government entities and the many large mutli-national organizations that call Puerto Rico because of their favorable corporate tax laws. 

Jenniza Paunetto the Sales Manager of Pitney Bowes P.R. was equally impressed and excited about the opportunity to upgrade their vast customer base to the TimeAttendanceManager solution. In particular Jenniza liked the dashboard driven user interface that allows employees and supervisors to perform their Time Management functions from a single page, which in turn will allow for the support technicians to train new users in a very efficient manner. The modularity of the software and the ISGUS fingerprint terminal was also a big plus, and makes Jenniza extremely confident about the success they will have in the very near future.