New Work in the catering industry » how ZEUS® prepares you optimally

New Work: Broadly speaking, this refers to modern, meaningful, participatory and autonomous work that places the employee at the centre. New Work methods are already being used in many companies, especially in the service sector.

The catering industry can benefit from New Work because it makes it more attractive to employees. Shift work and hard, physical labour as well as wages that are often at the lower end of the income scale, despite increases depending on the catering business, do not really make working conditions more attractive. There is no investment in the labour force - only the guests are seen as people, not the employees. Money is tight, as the aim is to sell the goods as cheaply as possible in order to keep up with the market. There is not much left over to invest in your own staff.

So if restaurant owners don't want their employees to work elsewhere, they need to change their corporate culture and offer innovative products.

If you are looking for a simple, innovative and uncomplicated way to record time, then our Time and Attendance solution from ISGUS is just right for you.Today's working world is constantly changing, and with ZEUS® Time and Attendance you are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the New Work concept. By precisely recording working times, the software enables you to plan your resources optimally and ensures that your employees can complete tasks flexibly. ISGUS Time and Attendance also offers you a wide range of working time models that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your service sector. Whether part-time, full-time or even job-sharing. The ZEUS® solution is not only flexible, but also extremely user-friendly!