No more headaches with ZEUS® at assembly work

ISGUS makes Time and Attendance effortless, also at assembly work! Employees can easily clock in themselves without any hassle. ZEUS® Time and Attendance accurately records working hours, allowing employees to focus on their tasks without any worries.

The ZEUS® mobile App enables simple time recording, no matter where the staff are located. Even if they are at a different construction site, they can easily clock in. This is especially beneficial for companies with multiple projects and no fixed workplace. With ISGUS, managers can quickly see that activities are being carried out and employees are focused on their tasks.

ZEUS® and its absence management feature manages everything in a simple and clear manner. Your fitters can apply for vacation and other absences directly on their cell phones using the ZEUS® mobile App, whether they are on the move or at home, or through our ISGUS Terminals at your site. When creating the request, employees can see the current vacation status. As a supervisor, you will receive a notification via email. The automatic workflows allow you to conveniently manage and process absence requests. A calendar view makes it easier to keep track of everything.