Open hiring – straight into practice with ISGUS!

The search for qualified employees is one of the biggest challenges for companies in all industries. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it can be difficult to find suitable candidates and go through long recruitment processes. This is where the HR trend from the USA called "Open Hiring" comes in, which is a new method for hiring employees.

The idea behind Open Hiring is simple: companies do away with traditional application processes and instead offer open positions to anyone interested. Applicants do not have to have specific qualifications, but are given the chance to prove themselves in practice and demonstrate their skills. The advantage of such an approach is that companies can attract a larger number of applicants who do not necessarily have formal qualifications but still have the skills required for the vacancy.

ISGUS acts as a silent helper in the background with its solutions for access control, staff scheduling, production data capture and time and attendance. These make everyday work easier for HR managers by transparently mapping and linking complex tasks and efficiently managing processes. In addition to the high cost savings, the ISGUS Workflow Management System brings significant time savings, allowing HR professionals to realise their full potential for empolyer branding and employee recruitment.