Our ISGUS Workforce Management is expanding ᐅ Welcome to the world of ZEUS® HR Management!

Digitalization has transformed many aspects of the workplace, including HR management. With ISGUS ZEUS® HR Management, you can enhance your ZEUS® Time and Attendance system and reap numerous benefits!

By integrating employee data into time recording, you can effectively manage your workforce while reducing administrative tasks through automated work schedule planning and evaluation. Optimizing holiday and absence management ensures that you always have a clear overview in HR. Our flexible reporting capabilities also facilitate improved staff scheduling. Seamless information flow is guaranteed through interfaces with other systems.

Modern time recording systems offer countless advantages for companies of all sizes. The extended ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS takes personnel management to new levels of efficiency and simplicity. By seamlessly integrating ISGUS ZEUS® HR Management into your existing time recording system, employee data can be effortlessly transferred without the need for manual entry or schedules – saving valuable time and resources.

Automated work schedule planning and evaluation ensure precise record-keeping of working hours while simplifying report generation. Holiday and absence management are streamlined so employees can easily request leave when needed.

Lastly, at ISGUS we prioritize security and data protection to give you peace of mind when using our solutions.