Payroll processing begins with accurate timekeeping records

Without managing employee’s time worked and absences on a consistent basis, with an accurate time and attendance system, you can’t expect to process payroll for employees without mistakes, and time-consuming re-balancing of payments of untracked overtimes. ISGUS with its solutions can help.

Simplify the payroll process, with all pertinent timesheet data available in complete one page supervisor and administrator dashboards, that allow approval of exceptions, absence requests and pay period ending time calculations all at the same time. Save on your total payroll by taking advantage of lock punch times that calculate to the minute and validate against schedules on a real time basis with precise calculations that make pay period ending processing as easy as exporting an excel file.

Our time and attendance software helps you avoid surprises on payday by giving employees the ability to view and validate their scheduled versus actual time worked. With access to their timesheets and the ability to add comments, employees can take ownership of their timesheets and be responsible for addressing potential issues. Cut your payroll processing time significantly, and free up your resources by combining pay and time in a single system. This means fewer errors, an increased ROI by streamlining payroll processes and a greater bottom line.