Quiet Quitting » Appreciation through ISGUS

Quiet Quitting is a movement from the USA that is increasingly occupying the world of work here as well. It means that employees do no more than what they are paid for. Is that healthy or just lazy? It depends on the perspective.

For many employees, regular overtime, after-hours calls and a multitude of extra projects are part of everyday working life. But does it have to be that way?

With ISGUS you learn to value your employees. Through our modular workforce management system, you learn to enable your employees to work flexibly and easily. A successful company is characterized by satisfied employees. These ensure a high willingness to perform with a positive working atmosphere. ZEUS® Time & Attendance from ISGUS enables your employees to record their working hours reliably and objectively. With the ZEUS® mobile app, time recording bookings can also be made that are location-independent.