Ready for the next step in your HR department?

In today's rapidly changing world, where organisations are constantly adapting and growing, the challenges of HR management are ever-present. Change is unstoppable and expectations of modern HR departments are continually increasing. In this dynamic environment, it is crucial that HR departments are flexible, efficient and well-organized.

The effective management of employee information, document organization and support for onboarding and offboarding processes require innovative solutions more than ever before. With ZEUS® HR Management, you have immediate access to all relevant information and documents needed for your HR tasks. The digital personnel file presents your employees' data in a clear structure according to organizational units or any other way that suits you best.

The user-friendly sorting and filtering options make targeted searches quick and effortless. Automatic display shows when each document was last modified. With the digital personnel file at your fingertips, you maintain full control while saving valuable time on administrative tasks. All modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management rely on a central database.

ZEUS® HR Management offers convenient guidance for creating employee profiles effortlessly. Document management assists with systematic filing of personal documents while providing reminders for important deadlines such as performance appraisals or probationary period ends.. From recruitment to departure procedures, ZEUS® HR Management streamlines all aspects of the human resources process..

Complementing Workforce Management functions like Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Corporate Security. ZEUS® HR Management integrates seamlessly into an ALL-IN-ONE solution tailored specifically to meet the needs of your HR department

Your local ISGUS sales centre will be pleased to provide details about customised solution packages designed just for you.