Reduce Unauthorized Overtime

Unauthorized overtime unnecessarily increases the amount of follow-up work required by HR. Reduce unauthorized overtime from early in & late out punches with TimeAttendanceManager from ISGUS America. The following options describe some of the functions, we will be happy to advise you individually. 

  1. E-Mailing of Automatic Reports to Supervisors – If an employee does punch in early or stay late, our TimeAttendanceManager System can generate a report showing all employees that punched in early and the supervisors can address it right away, and give the employee a verbal warning or a written warning to no longer punch early unless authorized
  2. Locking Out of Early In and Late Out Punches – The strongest way to prevent employees from clocking in or out early or late is to tie their start and end times to a schedule in the ISGUS TimeAttendanceManager Software, because we manufacturer our on data collection terminals and software, they are real-time so that the clock will know not to allow a punch from an employee and give them a message at the clock “Punch Too Early Not Accepted”
  3. Supervisor Approvals from the Supervisor Dashboard – ISGUS can display all punch exceptions on one easy to read and use “Punch Exceptions” Dashboard, this way a Supervisor must approve electronically all punch exceptions and there will be an Audit Trail ensuring management is aware of these approvals.