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Despite the clouded mood among medium-sized businesses, there is still potential for good growth rates. The overall outlook remains positive as SMEs continue to exhibit strong growth and innovative business models. According to Theopold, the most rapidly expanding medium-sized companies are distinguished by their mindset, especially in the current circumstances. It is crucial to proceed cautiously while leveraging individual strengths within specific niches.

Emphasizing technological expertise and fostering customer-centric relationships should be prioritized. However, securing well-trained staff has become increasingly challenging. Theopold emphasizes that attractive working conditions and appealing locations play a growing role in attracting young talent.

Strengthening the US's position as a hub for education institutions and locally-owned businesses through an interconnected network is vital. Additionally, facilitating the entry of skilled foreign workers into the country requires policymakers to establish relevant incentives and legislation accordingly.

In the area of workforce management, innovative and modern solutions are crucial for companies of all sizes and industries in order to remain competitive in the future. The industry-independent ISGUS solution also offers the possibility of catering to corporations and meeting individual requirements. Overall, it is very important to keep an eye on the future of workforce management and to focus on innovative technologies and solutions at an early stage in order to meet the demands of the time.