Remote and mobile Employee Time Tracking in the healthcare sector

With the mobile time tracking solution from ISGUS all caregivers can record their duty and break times simply on the way. The times of unpaid overtimes are over. Whether you start at a central point in the morning or drive directly to the patient, with ISGUS your system is available where you need it.

With the ISGUS App ZEUS® mobile you can easily punch in and out and view your current balances. For more precise control, the app offers geofencing, which allows you to make punches only in certain areas. Work schedule management makes sure you pay for the hours actually worked, and receive notifications if an employee has not punched in or out. 

Electronic work calendar is your personnel management tool. Employees can view their work schedule on their laptop, at our time clocks or via mobile app at smartphone. Calculation of working hours has never been easier with special calculations for shift differential, premium hours and call backs, makes the approval of hours worked simple and accurate every time. Eliminate manual employee time tracking and throw away paper time sheets and manual time clocks. Track on the move workers via their mobile phone or laptop, with synchronized employee schedules and requests for shift swapping and time off requests.


Hygiene is currently one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account, especially in care. With our mobile app, you avoid any contact with foreign devices, pens or even paper, because every employee can make punches via his or her own smartphone. This makes you extremely flexible and at the same time reliable and secure