Return to office policies leaves Staff Scheduling in a mess!

As businesses around the world navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work in the wake of the global pandemic, one thing has become clear: the return to the office is not simple to the status quo. Rather, it's a journey that requires careful planning, thoughtful policies, and innovative tools to ensure the safety, productivity, and well-being of employees. As a matter of time 90 percent of the companies in the United States are planning return-to-office policies by the end of 2024.

Leave your Staff Scheduling in ZEUS®. Our innovative solutions helps companies to plan their employees efficiently, coordinate schedules and adapt to the changing work dynamics. Through our solution your company and HR-Manager are more flexibel, can minimize their planning costs and can even consider individual employees needs. If you are afraid of loosing employees when you insist on in-person work - ZEUS® Staff Scheduling is capable of planning home office and working on site.

In this era of hybrid work environments and flexible scheduling, the role of technology in shaping return to office policies and staff scheduling has never been more critical. Enter ISGUS, a leading provider of workforce management solutions. With ISGUS at the helm, companies are not just returning to the office; they are embracing a new era of work. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace a future-proof solution that empowers you to excel the new regulations in office. 

Return to Office Policies and Staff Scheduling with ISGUS. From contactless attendance tracking to agile scheduling tools, ISGUS empowers businesses to adapt to the future of work seamlessly. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling can be used by all employees via the various devices. In addition to the stationary terminals, the web application for PC use or the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile for smartphones and tablets are also available.