Save Time and Money with Time-Tracking Software

Digitization of time recording is a big step for companies towards a more flexible way of working and more possibilities. The previous time recording with time cards is no longer practical, because time recording now goes far beyond just the collection of times. The calculation and transfer of times should also be automated, saving time and money. Digital time recording thus increases efficiency and facilitates compliance

A side benefit is also that buddy punching can be better curtailed. With personal, electronic employee badges, all time cards are no longer kept in one place and are therefore less likely to be used by colleagues. 

The ISGUS solution not only records the individual times, but also processes them directly in the system so that, for example, an attendance overview can be viewed. At the end of the payroll period, the calculated time values, whereby special shifts or bonuses are automatically taken into account, are then directly forwarded to payroll accounting. This results in lean and efficient processes. In addition, reports can be created at any time to provide an overview of the hours worked.