Shortage of skilled workers in the service sector

The USA is now also in a "rolling recession". In the future, in some sectors it will probably be even easier to fill a job, while in others it will be more difficult. Moderately tight sectors include public administration, education and consumer services, where it is easier for the applicant to find a suitable job. The employer, in turn, has to face increasingly more time and effort in recruiting new staff. Especially tense is the situation in the hotel and restaurant industry. Here, employers cannot fill their vacancies fast enough. According to the BLS, the number of employees in this sector is still about half a million below pre-pandemic levels, and this despite the fact that hotels, restaurants, bars and the like have raised hourly wages by about 23% overall. This is the industry with the biggest labor shortage in the United States. In fact, all industries related to gastronomy and entertainment have been booming almost without limits since the end of the corona pandemic. Consequently, there is a huge demand in this economic sector, especially for qualified personnel or, to put it the other way around, there is an extreme shortage of personnel.

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