Slow Work – Higher, faster, further with ISGUS

What does the term "Slow Work" mean? Slow Work is a movement from the USA that aims to bring about a lasting change in attitudes to work in society. The reason for this movement is time, which has become a scarce commodity in today's working world. Due to globalisation and digitalisation, work processes are becoming more and more complex, but have to be completed in less and less time by employees due to cost-cutting and restructuring measures. This results in constant pressure, stress, hecticness, increased susceptibility to errors and overtime. By slowing down the work, the body generates itself faster and the general stress level decreases. Slow work does not mean that you simply stop working or work less, but that you approach things in a more mindful and concentrated way.

So how can ISGUS give you an advantage here?
Flexible working time models can improve the mental and physical well-being of employees. With the flexible time recording solution from ISGUS, you enable your employees to work flexibly. Whether starting early tomorrow or working spontaneously from home, thanks to ZEUS® Time and Attendance all doors are open to you.
The suitable ISGUS app additionally offers you the option that your employees do not have to rely on the terminal or their own PC access. Conveniently book in and out or submit a request via smartphone, everything is possible. All in all, the modular ISGUS solutions support you in your daily work and make billing easier at the end of the month. Benefit from the flexibility and promote your success.