Staff Scheduling for manufacturers

Optimizing of production via digitization is paramount to maintain a competitive advantage. The ideal occupation of a production line is decisive for the highest possible efficiency. These is already affected, if to much or to less employees are scheduled for a shift. In our TimeAttendanceManager we offer you our Staff Scheduling module to avoid exactly this. Simply, fast and from everywhere you can plan upcomming shifts and assigne neccessary positions. 

Coupling employee resources with product demand can be achieved via TimeAttendanceManager's demand planning module that matches workforce skill level with tasks. Thereby it is important to involve all employees into the planning process. Even those, that don't have an own workstation. With our touchscreen shop floor terminals even your employees in production have access to the system and can request a digital shift swap, if a shift don't fit as planned. Additonally, only the current and relevant sales orders can be displayed for each employee. 

Our real-time color-coded counsel that displays actual worked time compared to planned allows for stoppage of jobs for deeper reviews and adjustments to available personnel with the proper skills sets to speed up production. Thereby, notifications and alerts to supervisors and employees improve communication in an up to the second manner.


In manufacturing, meeting delivery times while maintaining high quality is crucial for competition. With the ISGUS solution, you plan your personnel according to the respective order situation. The system increases the flexibility of your company and the employees and at the same time ensures higher efficiency in production.