Start the new year 2023 safely with the ISGUS cloud solution!

In 2023, the topic of data security and data protection continues to play a major role for many employers. Many companies shy away from using time tracking and overall workforce management in the cloud - after all, personal employee data and complete control over it are at stake.

In the ISGUS data center, you benefit from an existing system architecture into which your personal ZEUS® Workforce Management System can be easily and quickly integrated. You also don't have to worry about data protection. Both from the perspective of the provider-user relationship and with regard to personal employee data, the ISGUS Cloud offers optimal security - certified by ISO/IEC 27001, regular backups and a modern update strategy.

Availability is also crucial for usage. ISGUS guarantees a high availability of 99.5%, which in most cases is higher than that of the company's own IT. The expandability of the system is also important. All modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management can be expanded and used together as desired.

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