Synergy between HR and IT » ZEUS® Cloud

Departments such as HR have specific software requirements and search for the right software as part of a software selection process in which IT is ideally already involved. This is because the selected software must not only meet the content requirements, but also those relating to budget, data protection and information security. Ultimately, the software must meet HR's requirements, but it must also fit into existing systems, have a high level of interface compatibility and, of course, function smoothly.

Once the right product has been found, IT procures it and implements it as part of a project together with the business department, consultants and the software company if necessary. If the product is not purely a cloud product, IT is also responsible for maintaining the software.

Close collaboration between HR and IT is the key to sustainable business success. ISGUS supports this considerably with the cloud solution!

Already when setting up the system via the cloud, all compatibility checks between database, server and system are omitted and you save maintenance costs and investments in new hardware at the beginning and during operation. The ISGUS Cloud makes your workforce management a cost factor that can be planned in the long term, but which greatly reduces the investment risk. In addition to smooth operation, the ISGUS Cloud focuses above all on the security of all data. Through further measures taken in addition to the aspects of the EU-DSGVO, our data center is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and meets the highest security requirements. So as an HR department, this is exactly what you need!