Digitization is on everyone’s lips. In addition to the current automation of standard processes and the inclusion of all mobile and stationary technologies, ISGUS offers the web-based solution TAM and on top of this there are now more benefits with added flexibility in outsourcing Time Management to the ISGUS cloud.

TAM convinces with a complete set of new approaches and user-oriented features. At the same time, more and more customers are using the high availability offered by the ISGUS data centre without having to deal with administration, hardware issues, server relocations, release updates, etc. all the time.

The result is a clearly calculable and transparent cost structure over the entire life cycle. The requirements and tasks that companies and administrations face in terms of data security and data protection are also in safe hands with ISGUS.

In addition to the significant benefits that a modern solution such as TAM provides, outsourcing adds benefits that are often missed when you look at and compare only the pure cost of sourcing.

The modules Staff SchedulingCost Centre Recording or Access Control are also available as Software as a Service in the ISGUS cloud.