The future of on-demand manufacturing properly prepared ᐅ with ISGUS

Customized manufacturing whenever and wherever companies need it - that is the promise of on-demand manufacturing. But why has this manufacturing method not yet been able to gain widespread acceptance? On-demand manufacturing is already a reality in industries where quick access to spare parts is a potential competitive advantage. Industries such as rail, defense and automotive are pioneering the use of technologies such as additive manufacturing (AM) to localize production and print spare parts, tools and products when and where they are needed.

As with all technological advancements, on-demand manufacturing will drive down costs as it becomes more widespread. Ultimately, the success of on-demand manufacturing lies in its ability to benefit the end user:inside. Not only does it help manufacturers save time and resources and reduce waste and emissions, the true value of on-demand manufacturing lies in its ability to unburden supply chains and solve problems closer to the customer.

Fast and safe recording - in all production areas, in design and development, the production data of orders, work steps and processes is recorded quickly, completely and error-free on the ISGUS PDC terminals, on mobile recording devices or via the intranet / internet. A comprehensive plausibility check ensures that the data is recorded without errors. ZEUS® Production Data Capture can be expanded and supplemented with ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Access Control or ZEUS® Staff Scheduling at any time.