The new working world - through Corona

Rarely have concepts been developed and implemented as quickly as the New Work Model. Driven by the need to protect their own employees, many companies have switched to home offices at short notice. What was previously thought to be difficult to implement suddenly became reality due to the Corona crisis. And unlike many expected, it is a model that not only secured business activities in the short term, but also represents a real alternative for the future.

It creates more freedom for employees who are no longer tied to a specific location and can therefore react flexibly to different things. Previous fears such as loss of control, lower productivity or weaker employee motivation could not be confirmed. On the contrary, the productive cooperation of internal teams via telephone conferences or online meetings is sometimes higher and leads to results more quickly. Appointments with external partners, for which long journeys and overnight stays were often accepted, can now take place online, which has advantages for both companies and employees by saving time and resources. This change in the working day results in a change in social values, driven by the desire for more flexibility and freedom.

Home office offers exactly these possibilities. Employees work more self-determined on projects and can adapt their working hours flexibly to domestic conditions. The makeshift solution became a work model with potential. Because in addition to the many positive experiences that companies have had, there are also points that have not been optimally implemented so far. Often companies are technically not yet in a position to enable completely decentralised work. Often the workforce management is also a problem. With the solutions provided by ISGUS, you can face these questions in a relaxed manner. Our services adapt to even the most flexible professional circumstances. All time bookings can also be made from home via the Internet using the web terminal. It is also possible to request for flexitime or holidays, check balances and start approval runs. The ISGUS App ZEUS® X mobile also offers these and other possibilities. Each individual employee can actively influence the various processes, which not only creates transparency but also reduces the workload on managers, HR and IT.

The new working world is not static, but more flexible than anything before. Innovative concepts, geared to each individual employee are remaining after the Corona crisis. With ISGUS, you have a partner at your side who reflects this to your workforce management and thus creates new freedom for individuality.