The way to access control via smartphone » ISGUS

The security of buildings is an important aspect that should not be ignored. This makes it all the more important to find target-oriented solutions. We will show you how you can benefit from the ZEUS® smartID.

Advantages of the app

If you opt for access control via smartphone, you will enjoy numerous advantages. First of all, this method offers maximum flexibility. The smartphone is always with you. Unlike a key card or a key, you don't forget it at home as often. Thus, one always has access to the premises in one's pocket and does not have to think about possible chip cards and transponders.

Furthermore, the access control administrator can quickly and easily view data via smartphone. If the access control is also used with a time recording system, it is possible to check in an instant who enters which premises and when.

Access control the convenient way

Smartphones are our daily companions. More and more, mobile devices are becoming all-rounders and everyday helpers. For ISGUS, this was a clear decision to add another module to the ZEUS® access control software. An app, the ZEUS® smartID, now opens doors and gates and is new to the ISGUS security concept. All it needs is a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface.