There is no staff turnover in the supermarket » with ZEUS®!

The emphasis on turnover in supermarkets has been a long-standing focus. Human resources departments have implemented strategies and guidelines for years to monitor and boost turnover in the food retail industry. However, what's new is the increased attention on retaining employees.

Why do supermarket workers leave their jobs?

The turnover rate in retail has always exceeded that of other industries. One contributing factor to high staff turnover is the lack of work-life balance, meaning the challenge of balancing career with family life. The recent trend of "the great resignation" highlights our growing desire for more flexibility in our professional lives.

How can modern workforce scheduling help reduce employee turnover?

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling by ISGUS not only assists with efficient shift planning but also provides practical solutions for handling staff absences. There are two methods to address this issue: Employees who anticipate an absence can offer to swap shifts with colleagues ahead of time, finding replacements among themselves and submitting the changes digitally for approval by their supervisor. This is also possible through the ZEUS® mobile App from ISGUS, digitally on the move.

Furthermore, if there's a last-minute absence, planners can as mentioned before, reach out digitally to all eligible substitutes to fill the vacant shift promptly through various communication channels, facilitating quick agreement on schedule swaps.