Time Recording and Access Control from a single source

For the management and control of employees in companies, the topics of time recording and access control are important cornerstones. The use of modern solutions in these areas offers enormous potential and is therefore already used by many companies. Integrated into our TimeAttendanceManager solution are also the modules Time Recording and Access Control, which you can get from one source at ISGUS. What advantages does this give you?

Both modules access the same database, which means that you only have to create employees once in the system. This simplifies the maintenance effort and prevents simple errors that could occur during the transfer. The data maintenance and administration of the areas of time and access is often the responsibility of different persons or departments and can therefore also be assigned with the ISGUS solution in such a way that, for example, the HR department administers time values and absence requests, but the facility management has access to the access control. For both solutions, all participants have the same look and feel and find their way around easily and quickly. 

Since not only the software solutions for the time and attendance and access control modules come from ISGUS, but also the hardware terminals are produced in-house, you can rely on a smooth process. The badges or transponders used can be seamlessly used for time recording at the ISGUS terminals or for access control at the readers, which noticeably increases convenience.