Time tracking with ISGUS as a legal requirement

Employers have the responsibility to complying with federal and state labor laws and regulations. As one of the most important compliances is protecting hours, wages, and overtime rules for your employees. Nowadays time recording can be done machinery and has not to be done anymore manual. It saves time and a lot of costs. But what kind of software and hardware can be used that is able to record hours, overtime and many more at once? Even better done by one company with individual solutions.

     The ISGUS solutions will help:

ISGUS provides Soft- and Hardware solutions for Time & Attendance, Access Control and more. Flexible configuration of shift, lunch, rounding and overtime calculation policies, keeps you compliant with State and Federal Wage & Hour Regulations. Our solutions are increasingly automated, allowing to implement specific internal controls. Through our Time & Attendance software you can prevent employees from working overtime when clocking in earlier or later than their actual schedule. Combine our Software with other individual solutions and even our own hardware terminals for your company. Different kind of our modules can be added to your ZEUS® system at anytime.