Track Real Time Productivity of Employees

Production companies often work in a data-driven manner and look at the number of pieces produced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows performance to be evaluated and future orders to be planned accordingly. However, it is not just the pure number of pieces that must be considered; other factors such as production conditions, material availability, maintenance and downtime, and the performance of individual employees also apply. For this evaluation, two things have to be taken into account: resource planning and the corresponding evaluation. Both are related to each other. 

Correct scheduling ensures that you have the right number of employees with the right qualifications available at certain times in order to achieve your goals in terms of performance, productivity and number of units produced. The evaluation of this is provided by Production Data Capture

Via the ISGUS terminals in production or the mobile app, employees record the order data, which is transmitted directly to the system. This increases transparency for supervisors or product managers already during production. In medium and long term, this data can be used to create evaluations based on the recorded data, allowing future measures to be derived. These evaluations can also be printed or exported to appropriate formats for further work. 

Both modules are perfectly integrated into ISGUS' Workforce Management and can be used seamlessly together with Time & Attendance or Access Control. The immediate availability of data, even in the home office or on the road, enables project managers to monitor processes at any time. In addition, the workflow functionality means that requests for absences can be submitted directly to the supervisor in digital form and processed immediately. You too can benefit.