Tracking employee absences

Strategic staff scheduling has long ceased to be a pure theory to be found in some ancient scientific work or master's thesis. In leading companies, staff scheduling has long been implemented, and not just to cover shifts. Rather, targeted staff scheduling considers all of a particular company's requirements. In addition to the purely time-related aspect, issues such as the planned budget, required qualifications, optimization options and much more should be taken into account.

Our portfolio helps you to strategically keep an eye on the current situation in addition to the corresponding planning. It is possible, for example, to track the following metrics:

  • performance time according to working hours
  • anniversary
  • calendar year
  • trial period

We offer you an employee portal in which your employees can make automated vacation requests via PC, smartphone or time clock terminal. Superiors are automatically informed of any approvals.

There is also an interface to the HR department. Create an export for your wage and salary statements including all working and out of office hours. These can be implemented in your existing HR system and evaluated for reporting.

The ISGUS system is individually tailored to your company and can therefore be used in manufacturing, healthcare, public sectors and any other industry.