Understanding Federal & State Wage & Hour Compliance is Critical

Today, almost every state has its own wage and hour law, which may or may not prescribe a different hourly wage than what is prescribed by the FLSA, and which may or may not follow the exemptions afforded by the FLSA. State laws typically are more generous to employees in terms of the minimum wage, the scope of exemptions and the definitions of operative terms such as "overtime". Many states require overtime pay in situations more favorable to employees than under the FLSA. In seeking to comply with the law, employers should always consult both federal and state laws concerning wages and hours

Having expertise at hand, and counsel when questions arise, or just simply receiving status changes via e-mail has now become a mandatory fact of life for all businesses in North America.

ISGUS has done some research and below you will find web links to some of the best “Compliant Resource Providers” in the market:

The Society of Human Resource Management - https://www.shrm.org

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Expert HRhttps://www.xperthr.com/

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Mineral HRhttps://trustmineral.com/

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United States Division of Wage & Hourhttps://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/compliance-assistance

Compliance Assistance U.S. Department of Labor