Unsecured weapons

About 100 people are killed by children each year in the United States. The blame is often placed on parents who do not properly secure their weapons. Among other things, this resulted in a six-year-old shooting a teacher and a teenager kills an eleven-year-old.

Misusing weapons and handling of risky objects are not only a danger in the hands of children. This also includes your employees and your company. ISGUS TAM Access Control allows you to ensure that only authorized staff who know how to handle at risk company property responsibly have access to it. In this way, you heighten protection against avoidable hazardous incidents. Nowadays, a modern security concept is indispensable for companies and public buildings. ISGUS TAM Access Control allows you to reliably protect your employees, guests, buildings and your operating equipment around the clock. Individual access profiles ensure controlled access to your company.