US debt limit reached - reduce costs with ISGUS

The US debt ceiling has already been reached. Now the debt ceiling must be raised or even lifted. Measures must be taken to maintain the government's solvency, according to the Treasury Department.

Start saving costs! ISGUS offers the perfect solution for this - GreenIT. Thanks to GreenIT, you actively save power and high energy costs every day. The intelligent ISGUS terminals have a kind of energy-saving mode and specifically consume less power if they are not actively used. As soon as an employee wants to use the terminal, it automatically wakes up and makes the desired bookings. You save a whopping 50% of the energy consumption.

The digital ZEUS® Time & Attendance from ISGUS also offers you great savings as a software solution. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance, you can solve all time management tasks in a time-saving and reliable manner. Workflows, automatic notifications and interactive communication between human and system handle standard processes that were previously only possible with a great deal of effort. You can also actively save costs thanks to the ZEUS® mobile app you record working times from anywhere and at any time.