USA bans TikTok on government mobile phones

The use of the app TikTok on business mobile phones is increasingly being banned by authorities worldwide. The USA passed a law to this effect in December. Employees now have 30 days to uninstall the app.

The US government has asked employees of all federal agencies to delete the video-sharing app TikTok from their work phones. The Office of Management and Budget said agencies have 30 days to ensure the app is removed from all federal mobile devices. The risks of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands through the app would be reduced. The app belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance and is particularly popular among young people. Critics fear that the data is not safe there and that the Chinese state could have access to it. TikTok rejects this accusation.

Data security is the primary concern about cloud applications. Sensitive corporate data should, under no circumstances, fall into the wrong hands. This is why many companies currently refrain from using cloud services, remote work practices or SaaS solutions. When it comes to time recording, the evident question of legal certainty in data security and data privacy arises. Indeed, time and attendance is subject to co-determination and involves the handling of sensitive data, such as time accounts, calendar data, absences or personal holiday planning.

ISGUS assumes a high level of responsibility and relies on a sophisticated role concept to meet its obligation for a secure storage of sensitive customer data. The ISGUS data centre is located at the company’s headquarters, thus extremely high levels of security are a compulsory requirement under stringent German law. The state-of-the-art IT equipment installed in the ISGUS data center in combination with its location guarantees a maximum degree of data security and privacy to all ZEUS® SaaS customers. This is also evidenced by the certification according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.