What is an Attendance Policy? ᐅ Clarification with ISGUS

An attendance policy, in its broadest sense, is a comprehensive set of guidelines or regulations established by employers to govern and oversee employee attendance.

Employee Attendance Expectations: Detailed information outlining when and where employees are required to be present at work, as well as the duration for which they should fulfill their job-related responsibilities.

Employee Punctuality Standards: Elaboration on how punctuality is valued within a specific business or organization, along with insights into crucial queries like whether there are legitimate justifications for tardiness or missed deadlines – if so, what might those reasons entail?

Flexible attendance like ISGUS offers with its ZEUS® Time and Attendance, also called flexible working hours or flexible scheduling, is a type of work arrangement that allows employees a greater amount of control over their work hours as long as they meet the required number of hours.

Using digital TAM Time and Attendance, each employee can individually enter and stamp their respective working time. Likewise, vacation days can be noted in the calendar, and are visible to everyone else.