Workforce Management: How to start with?

You want to install a workforce management system in your company, but you don't know what exactly to look for? We will be happy to help you. Depending on your current system, you need to be aware of what you expect from a new system and where there is currently potential for improvement. Define your requirements regarding the use of the system, whether stationary or mobile, the number of employees and of course the generally necessary functions. 

With these initial thoughts, you are already well prepared for a discussion with one of our experts. The ISGUS Workforce Management System is modular in design and can therefore be extended as required and adapted to your individual requirements. Thus, in addition to Time and Attendance, Access Control, Staff Scheduling or Production Data Capture can also be implemented for your company, resulting in many performance and productivity advantages, because the individual software solutions build on each other. 

In addition, the transfer to third-party payroll accounting software is also not a problem, but an already proven process. Establish digital processes throughout your company and increase efficiency by involving all employees, while reducing the time spent by the HR department. No local restrictions need to be taken into account, as all employees can be integrated into the workforce management at any time via the ISGUS terminals, the web-based PC application or the ISGUS app

The ISGUS solution can be used in any size of company and any sector and is available both as an on-premise solution and as software as a service in the ISGUS Cloud. Our experts will be happy to advise you individually.