Workforce Management in the Cloud

Probably the most important point when it comes to using business applications: IT security. Especially in workforce management, where employee data, time management information such as attendances and absences, and data from staff scheduling and access management are stored and archived, all data and also the operation of the solution must be secured in the best possible way. The fear of a cyber attack or possible data loss is omnipresent in many companies.

If IT solutions are installed and managed in one's own company, this means first of all an investment - in time and resources. On the one hand, the IT infrastructure must always be up-to-date to ensure security and availability. On the other hand, the valuable resource of IT staff, who bring with them the necessary and often cost-intensive specialist know-how, is limited.

SaaS solution relieves the IT department. This is because the provider takes over hosting, operation and management of the software. This also includes continuous monitoring of ongoing system operation and regular updates. This ensures the operational reliability and long-term success of the solution.