Workforce Management with TAM

Primarily, Workforce Management continously maintains optimal assignment of mobile resources. The idea is to provide the right resource at the right time relevant to the job. One aspect is, for example, to provide mobile connectivity for your employees. TAM Workforce Management also takes into account the qualification and current workload of your employees.

TAM Staff Scheduling enables you to maintain the correct staffing levels and reduce your staffing costs at the same time. In addition, it will assist you in improving the quality of service, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our TAM module for Time & Attendance perfectly complements the Staff Scheduling. It supports you when identifying the correct staffing levels and simplifies your daily scheduling routine. Furthermore, ZEUS® Time & Attendance reliably automates your management of working times and data transfer to payroll systems.

Web-based workflows provide information and perform standard processes of data maintenance transparently and economically - without any documents, forms and requests to the HR department. You are constantly updated with necessary information in relation to under-/overstaffing or absences.

TAM Staff Scheduling allows you to quickly react to unforeseen changes in order to schedule your employees in the best possible way. Using our TAM Workforce Management you constantly schedule in real-time.