Workforce with women » ISGUS prioritizes family support

Mothers play a crucial role in the workforce, and attracting and retaining them involves more than just offering paid maternity leave. Working mothers still encounter obstacles in the workplace, but organizations can provide support through various measures such as supplemental childcare, flexible work arrangements including phased returns, and returnship programs to assist mothers re-entering the workforce.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Offering flexible work schedules is key to attracting working moms. Flexibility with hours and remote time recording are essential for modern companies. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you can ensure accurate time recording for your employees. The ZEUS® mobile App allows convenient time tracking from anywhere.

Returning to Office: Many women feel unsupported during their maternity leave and struggle with returning to work afterwards. ZEUS® HR Management streamlines HR tasks so that you can focus on your employees' needs efficiently. This not only saves time but also boosts productivity within your company. Effective HR Management frees up valuable time for strategic initiatives while supporting women transitioning back after maternity leave.