ZEUS® always boosting your confidence in your job costing

Most businesses lack confidence in the accuracy of their job cost numbers. Gain a competitive edge by integrating ISGUS's intuitive job costing software into your company's arsenal. As your business expands and your team takes on more projects, relying on spreadsheets to track job costs is no longer efficient. Often, you are left in the dark about whether you've made a profit or incurred a loss until after the project is completed.

With ISGUS's job costing solution, you will have enhanced visibility into your projects, allowing you to manage your growing business with certainty. Obtain a precise, day-to-day overview of your job costs and monitor your progress against the project budget. Have you ever finalized a project only to receive an unexpected bill later on?

The Job Costing solution from ISGUS enables you to generate and monitor purchase orders and subcontracts, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of all expenses associated with a job.

  • Record a cost center, cost unit, project, or activity using ISGUS Terminals or the ZEUS® Mobile App
  • Automatically allocate hours worked to various cost centers based on percentages or absolute values
  • Manually distribute proposed hours worked to cost centers based on products, projects, or activities

Maximize profitability while minimizing risk by employing job cost software solutions.