ZEUS® mobile

Mobile devices are not only the new standard medium for interaction, but also the new standard in user experience. The modern, digital human expects fast, effortless interaction, especially in their professional life.

ISGUS offers an attractive option for your company with the individual and web-based solution ZEUS® mobile. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can request workflows, time and project bookings from anywhere. You have the opportunity to retrieve information about the deployment of staff worldwide and, if necessary, to react quickly. You will receive push notifications about predefined events. You are actively provided with specific information.

An essential step in the “New Work” approach that you, as an employer, can provide to your team. Every employee can request information from any location or receive targeted information. So everyone is up-to-date in their field, wherever they are.

Time Recording and the options for location-independent, mobile collaboration are drivers for companies who want to pursue the direction of “New Work”.